The Yarn Yard

Welcome to The Yarn Yard

I have been working with textiles for as long as I can remember, and knitting socks since 1976.
The Yarn Yard was set up in 2006 to explore the relationship between colour and texture and is based near Edinburgh in Scotland.
I dye yarn, spinning and felting fibre, tatting and embroidery threads, and fabric. A variety of techniques and dyes are used to produce designs from the subtle watercolour to intense, saturated effects. I dye in small batches and put these batches onto the website all at once. If a yarn looks similar but is listed separately, that's because it was dyed as a different batch. The batches vary from one or two hanks to twenty, it just depends on the dyeing method used.
I buy all my base yarn, fibre, threads and dye from suppliers in the UK.

You can contact me by emailing